Policy brief: Harnessing the Potential of Private Sector - Engagement in Productive Forests for Green Growth (2017)
Tennigkeit, T; Streck, C.; Gromko D.; Haupt, F.; Held, C.; Meier, L.; Pistorius, T.
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Harnessing the Potential of Productive Forests and Timber Supply Chains for Climate Change Mitigation and Green Growth (2017)
Tennigkeit, T; Streck, C.; Gromko D.; Haupt, F.; Held, C.; Meier, L.; Pistorius, T.
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Implementing Forest Landscape Restorationin Ethiopia (2017)
Pistorius, T.; Carodenuto, S.; Wathum, G.
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Einsparpotenziale von Treibhausgas-Emissionen durch Optimierung des Holztransports (2017)
Redmann, M; Meier, E; Weinreich, A; Mrosek, T; Joosten, R.
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Global Governance Approaches to Addressing Illegal Logging: Uptake and Lessons Learnt (2016)
In: Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade – Dimensions, Drivers, Impacts and Responses
Sophia Carodenuto
(contributing author)

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Integrated Coastal Protection and Mangrove Belt Rehabilitation (2016)
Pre-feasibility study for investments in coastal protection along 480 kilometers in the Mekong Delta
Johannes Wölcke, Thorsten Albers, Max Roth, Miriam Vorlaufer, Annika Korte
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Progressing towards the implementation of sustainable forestry business models in the context of REDD+ in Viet Nam (2016)
Till Pistorius, Paul Jacovelli, Nicolas Wittmann, Ho Dac Thai Hoang
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Smallholder dairy methodology (2016)
Draft Methodology for Quantification of GHG Emission Reductions from Improved Management in Smallholder Dairy Production Systems using a Standardized Baseline
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Info Note (2016)
Shifting food consumption to mitigate climate change is critical to fulfilling the Paris Agreement, but how?
Wilkes, Kiff, Wollenberg, White
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A historical institutionalist view on merging LULUCF and REDD+ in a post-2020 climate agreement (2016)
A preliminary assessment of available measures
Pistorius, Reinecke, Carrapatoso
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The technical mitigation potential of demand-side measures in the agri-food sector (2016)
A preliminary assessment of available measures
Kiff, Wilkes, Tennigkeit
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Sustainable Natural Forest Management in the Tropics (2016)
Markus Grulke, Patricia del Valle, Irene Calo, Eduard Merger, Gero Pawlowski, Nicolas Wittmann
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Business Models for the Restoration of short-rotation Acacia plantations in Vietnam (2016)
A project supported by the German International Climate Initative
Till Pistorius, Dr. Ho Dac Thai Hoang, Timm Tennigkeit, Eduard Merger, Nicolas Wittmann, Darragh Conway
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Energy wood from forests—stakeholder perceptions in five European countries (2015)
Energy, Sustainability and Society
Peters et al. 
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